Australian Album Art That Ruled in 2019

Album art adds to our music experience. A great cover can compel us to pick up a record and further check it out. It gives us a first impression; a portal into the music or insight into the creators. Colours and images trigger emotions, stir feelings of nostalgia, give us something new that we’ve never seen before, transport us and inspire us!

In 2019 the following art moved us:

HIEROPHANTS – Spitting Out Moonlight (Anti Fade Records)

Cover Art: Paris Rebel Richens

EXEK – Some Beautiful Species Left (Anti Fade Records)

Cover photo: Robyn Daly

TEK TEK ENSEMBLE – Shake It Like A Wolverine (Independent)

Cover photo: Theresa Harrison

TROPICAL FUCK STORM – Braindrops (TFS Records)

Cover art: Joe Becker

TRALALA BLIP – Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls (Someone Good)

Cover design: For Him. Collage artwork: Mathew Daymond.

ALL THE WEATHERS – ….For The Worms (Rough Skies Records)

Cover art: All The Weathers. Photography: Kim Walls

SLAG QUEENS – You Can’t Go Out Like That (Rough Skies Records)

Cover art: Andrew Leigh Green

HEARTS AND ROCKETS – Power (Independent)

Cover Photo: Kalindy Williams

HORACE BONES – Terra (Independent)

Cover art: Heath Newman

SAMPA THE GREAT – The Return (Ninja Tune)

Photography: Braun Chatterjee & Carl Pires.  Design: Priit Siimon

STELLA DONNELLY – Beware Of The Dogs (Secretly Canadian)

Photography: Pooneh Ghana. Design: Nathaniel David Utesch.

U-BAHN – Self-titled (Independent)

Cover art: Darcy Berry. Photography: Jamie Wdziekonski.

What are your favourite album covers from 2019?

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