Wollongong post-punk duo Chimers’ ‘Paper trails’ video premiere

Original photo courtesy of Chimers. Handmade collage by B.

Wollongong post-punk duo Chimers’ energy levels are high on their galloping, melodic-filled noise-pop debut self-titled release. Padraic’s shimmering guitars and urgent vocals against Binx’s staunch backbeat conveys a confidence of musicianship (they also play in Pink Fits, Drop Offs & Fangin’ Felines) that gives us a memorable, powerful collection of songs.

Today Gimmie is premiering their video for song ‘Paper Trails’ and we couldn’t be happier! We chatted with vocalist-guitarist Padraic to get insight into the song and clip.

What’s life been like lately for Chimers? You played a show this weekend past with Arse.

PADRAIC: Busy! We got excited and overcommitted a bit for December but it’s been great, we haven’t really had a run of gigs before so it’s been nice to play regularly and try a few new songs out live. The gig with Arse was fun, great band, great people. 

We’ve also just finished recording 2 songs for a single that’ll come out in January 22 so yeah…we’ve been keeping busy

Did it change or evolve much after jamming it over and over from the initial writing?

P: ‘Paper Trail’ was written about a specific time and place. I’d been through a breakup, was working a shit job doing 12 hour days, 7 days a week and didn’t have a band going so had no real focus in my life. Very much a “what the fuck am I doing with my life?” kind of stage and I wasn’t in a good place mentally. The title is from an old journal I found during the first lockdown which was cringeworthy to read, I wish I’d done Ian MacKaye style journals and written about events or things I’d done rather than my feelings….it was tragic reading it now but probably helped at the time I suppose. I met Binx not long after and the rest as they say is history.

We’re excited to be premiering your new clip for song ‘Paper Trail’; what inspired the writing of the track?

P: I can’t really remember to be honest! We were in lockdown and writing a lot of stuff at the time. It was pretty early in the band’s existence, so we were throwing a lot of ideas around. I’m guessing it got faster and more intense as that seems to be how our process works in general. It wasn’t really in the running to be on the album when we went to record, it was more of a throwaway “let’s do a take and see how it sounds”. I’m glad we did; we’ve never played it live so it probably would’ve been long forgotten by now

What helps to get your creative juices flowing?

P: I know it was different for everyone and some people couldn’t get motivated or whatever, but the lockdowns were great for us! We probably wouldn’t have started the band if they didn’t happen. The fact that we have a jam room at home definitely helps, we can jam for 20 minutes if we like, just plug in and play. I think that all helps with momentum, which is massive. We can write quickly, make decisions about songs, recording, artwork whatever without the usual back and forth between band members etc. The fact that we know each other so well too, there’s no dramas, we just get on with it. I mean, I get to play music with my best mate/soul mate/life partner whatever you want to call it! I love looking over and Binx is smashing that kit…that makes me want to write more….

What can you remember from recording it?

P: We recorded it at The Pinshed with Jez Player as part of the album sessions. When we were doing vocals, Jez had an idea for a falsetto harmony in the chorus which he sang, and it sounds great and really added to it. I love how you can hear it on its own for a split second at the very end of the song.

Chimers cover art by MollySkehan.

Can you tell us a little bit about making the video? It was filmed on Dharawal Land. What kind of story does it tell?

P: As for telling a specific story that’s not really what we did with this one as opposed to the one we did for ‘Surrounds’. We made it with our friend Charlie Conlan (who also did ‘Surrounds’) and we basically set up a green screen in our loungeroom and then Charlie did his best to get some shots in between us either laughing at each other or feeling (and looking) really awkward in front of the camera. From there it was all Charlie’s work with the time lapse footage etc.

What was the most fun part of the clip to make?

P: Just hanging out and having fun making a video with our good mate. ‘Surrounds’ was a bit more of a collaborative effort whereas this was a bit more of a lockdown limited contact kind of thing. The real fun part for us was watching the finished product when Charlie had sent it through.

What would you like people to get from ‘Paper Trail’?

P: Mmmmm…. I suppose like anything you put out there you hope some people like it! I mean that shouldn’t matter if you like what you’re doing that’s enough but there’s plenty of music out there so if yours connects with someone then that’s pretty gratifying and a bit overwhelming. A mate actually called me to tell me that he’d had ‘Paper Trail’ on repeat when he was driving to work and was giving it all kinds of raps and I respect his opinion on music so that was nice to hear. I know what music means to us so if ours does that for someone else then that’s pretty cool right! There’s no way to not sound corny saying that but y’know, it does mean a lot

What’s next for Chimers?

P: New single in January which will also have a limited release as a split 7” with a band that we both really love so that’s going to be great. Planning to record again in February and we have King St Carnival, Yours & Owlsx and Snake Valley Festivals to play. Fingers crossed we get to Ireland later in 2022 for some gigs with hopes of a quick dash to Spain for a week or two tacked on, that would be fun!

FYI we have an in-depth interview with Chimers in our new issue of Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie zine – available HERE.

Chimers debut album is available HERE. Follow Chimers @chim_ers 

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