Music Videos We Loved In 2019

We love a great visual stimulation to accompany our aural pleasure. Music videos visually represent a song; they can elevate it, tell a story, affirm a message, explore or further elaborate on a song’s theme, and simply just give artists another way to communicate with the world—a chance to connect with others. Music videos can change the way we perceive a song. Our favourites are engaging, interesting, entertaining, have arresting visuals, fun details or just plain amuse us and make us laugh.

This year Melbourne-based artist Alex McLaren wowed us, directing-filming-editing a whimsical flight of fancy for Parsnip’s “Rip It Off”, as well as creating the colourful uber-cool U-Bahn clip “Beta Boyz”—two of our favourites! We’re waiting with bated breath to see what’s next!

Jake Taylor from band, In Hearts Wake, directed Tralala Blip’s award-winning video for “Pub Talk” thoughtfully capturing the spirit and emotion of vocalist Lydian Dunbar’s lyrics of alienation and of wanting to connect, using slow-motion, glitches and lingering close-ups. Emotive stuff.

Vibrant and visceral, Sampa the Great’s “Final Form” video directed by Sanjay De Silva is a triumph. Showcasing Sampa’s heritage beautifully, it also embodies the essence expressed in her lyrics—young veteran, new classic – connecting the deep-rooted with the modern right before our eyes. Fierce and compelling.

And, making us want to dance, love, laugh and vibe, the New Fresh Prince of Arnhem Land – Baker Boy (Danzal Baker) – gave us posi banger “Meditjin” (which means ‘Medicine’ in his first language, Yolngu Matha). Directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos, the clip features two members of BB’s family and New Zealand rapper, JessB, as they dance through the halls of the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, taking BB clips to new heights. We agree with Danzal that: music is the meditjin.

Below (in no particular order) are all these videos, and more that we loved in 2019!

PARNSIP – Rip It Off  (Alex McLaren)

U-BAHN – Beta Boyz (Alex McLaren)

TRALALA BLIP – Pub Talk (Jake Taylor)

SAMPA THE GREAT – Final Form (Sanjay De Silva)

TROPICAL FUCK STORM – Who’s My Eugene? (Lauren Hammel, Helena Holmes + edited by Oscar O’Shea)

BENCH PRESS – Respite (Defero Productions)

HEARTS & ROCKETS – Feelings (Kalindy Williams)

SLAG QUEENS – Real 1 (Caitlin Fargher)

KAIIT – Miss Shiney (Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore)

STELLA DONNELLY – Die (Giraffe Studios)

SWIM TEAM – Everyday Things (Scott Video)


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