Australian Albums We Loved In 2019

When it was noticed the eventual “going live” of this website was going to be around the 1st of January 2020, it was decided a round up of the music we love so much would be as perfect a place as any for an introduction. And as we plan to have a heavy focus on local/national music, here are some Australian albums released in 2019 that we found tremendous joy in.

HIEROPHANTS – Spitting Out Moonlight

‘Spitting Out Moonlight’ is an album that features a team of multi-instrumentalists who pilot a giant Super Robot known as “Hierophants”. The secret of their power is combining the 4 magic elements; post-punk, new wave, mutant disco, and lo-fi DIY bedroom pop.

TEK TEK ENSEMBLE – Shake It Like A Wolverine

A ripe punch-bowl of sounds spiked with ample amounts of disco, funk, Bollywood, afro, lounge, exotica, surf, world music and more. Satisfying taste, impeccable musicianship.

THE DANDELION – Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion

Transmuting elements of the great music of the late 60s (psychedelic, Yé-yé, freakbeat, surf, exotica, etc.) and transcending into a dream-like allegory of universal oneness, where even heaven and hell aren’t separated. The vision of a visionary.

EXEK – Some Beautiful Species Left

From a dystopian post-punk wasteland where radioactive kraut-rhythms and dub-effected drums are scattered across the entire landscape. Like an alien spacecraft had abducted members of PiL, Can, Kraftwerk, and Sly & Robbie, and forced them to make music against their will on an unforgiving alien world.


Stunning debut from Brisbane-based, Brit-pop infused, indie band with some of the sharpest song writing on the block.


Political, groove-based, angular, new wave, post-punk. Topical commentary painted over a Gang of Four base coat. Basically they are the Midnight Oil that 2020 needs!

PARSNIP – When The Tree Bears Fruit

Playful. Catchy. Well-crafted. Joyful. A Celebration. If you smashed Ray Davies and a pile of Little Golden Books together in the Large Hadron Collider, Parsnip would be the elusive resulting particle you would find.

PLEASURE SYMBOLS – Closer and Closer Apart

Released in the right year, this could easily have been the defining album of 80s goth rock.
Moody, dream pop for nightmares.


Ambitious, fearless, triumphant.

THE SNAKES – The Snakes

Early 80s underground L.A. style new wave punk. The actual underground though… The black market kind. You know, the “under the counter” kind… like, we’re talking a full on ‘Ghost Ride’ by Deep Six kinda vibe going on.

SLAG QUEENS – You Can’t Go Out Like That

Passionate, feminist, Riot-Grrrl-inspired band from Tasmania. And while firmly rooted in 90s rock, it’s certainly not stuck there. Strong song writing, fun synth noises, versatility and an impressive scope separating them from the average attempt at angsty femme-core.

TRALALA BLIP – Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls

Experimental electronic pop music ensemble from Northern New South Wales construct a magnificent and heart-warming statement on life, love and creativity through use of futuristic gadgets, classic synthesizers, glitch-y drum machines, otherworldly voice processors, and pure human spirit.

AUSMUTEANTS – …present: The World In Handcuffs

A maniacal and out of control punk rock concept album from the perspective of a maniacal, out of control police officer.

STELLA DONNELLY – Beware of the Dogs

Relatable, honest, and witty pop songs. Approaching heavy topics with abundant humour and expanding her repertoire by switching between her already established singer-songwriter style, a full band mode, and even a couple synth-pop numbers.


Genre-defying future rock. Emotive, poetic storytelling over rhythms and noises that sound as though they are warping, bending and testing the very fabric of time itself.

BENCH PRESS – Not the Past, Can’t Be The Future

Like if first album Strokes got amped up on a really good batch of drugs and won big at the casino.

More albums we love (click for further listening):

U-BAHN – U-Bahn (Independent)

PINCH POINTS – Moving Parts (Roolette Records)

THE UV RACE – Made In China (AARGHT! Records)

ALL THE WEATHERS – ….For The Worms (Rough Skies Records)

GONZO – Do It Better Again (Anti Fade Records)

STROPPIES – Whoosh (Tough Love Records)

ATOM – In Every Dream Home (it Records)

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Infest Rats’ Nest (Flightless Records)

HORACE BONES – Terra (Independent)

J MCFARLANE’S REALITY GUEST – Ta Da (Night School Records)

HEARTS AND ROCKETS – Power (Independent)

DRAGNET All Rise For Dragnet (Spoilsport Records)

THE BABE RAINBOW – Today (Flightless Records)

LIQUID FACE – Self-titled (Independent)

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